Jun 25, 2010

Still here!

Don't worry everyone! This blog wasn't forgotten! I'm working on a great new site for you, but it will take a while... So be patient and FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!


Still here!

Don't worry everyone! This blog wasn't forgotten! I'm working on a great new site for you, but it will take a while... So be patient and FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!


Jun 18, 2010

17 E3 Games I'm Really Exited About

Here's the list, like i said on twitter, I'm busy working on my tests....

NFS Hot Pursuit
Dead Space 2
The Sims 3
Crysis 2 (holiday season)
Star Wars The Old Republic
Rock Band 3
Halo: Reach
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
ShaunWhite (for skaters on the shift...)
Raving Rabbits Travel in Time
Wii Party
Epic Mickey
Kirby’s Epic Yarn
Sorcery (+Move)
Portal 2 (for PS3)
inFamous 2

Jun 11, 2010


To get iOS 4 on iPhone 3G, 3GS and the iTouch line (no 1st gen), and ENABLE MULTITASKING and CUSTOM BACKGROUNDS on the IPHONE 3G, just follow this simple and easy tutorial:




How it went? Tell me in the comments!

Jun 10, 2010

[How to] Install AppSync, Cracked Apps, Without w/o WiFi On 3.1, 3.1.2 or 3.1.3

Here's the full story: I have an iPhone (2g). I know, i know... Before you all start to scream in the vacuum, let me say: This was my dad's iPhone. He promised me the new iPhone and he's getting it for me (not on launch day though) and he said: "While the new iPhone doesn't launch, I'll let you have my old iPhone while i get the 3G... Ok! It worked great for a while but now WiFi is dead and, as you all know, an iPhone without 3G/edge and no Wifi, is just a heavy cellphone. I was lucky that i was able to jailbreak it and install AppSync 3.0 before the WiFi problem so i could get apps... After the Announcement of iOS4, as i already knew i wasn't going to get the 4th OS on my iPhone (at least until i get the new iPhone 4), i thought: why not update my iOS (that was in 3.0) to the best i could get until i upgrade my iPhone? I did. and i jailbroke it. But there's a problem: How was i going to install AppSync? After a while searching [and crying because i wanted to try GuitarHero for iPhone]. I came up with this GUIDE TO INSTALL APPSYNC 3.1 ON OS'es 3.1, 3.1.2 AND 3.1.3. This is it:


Stuff you're going to need:

-A jaibroken iPhone/iPod Touch on OS 3.1, 3.1.2 or 3.1.3
-A ssh tool (I used iPhoneExplorer (for mac, uses USB to ssh into the iPhone. Also: it doesn't require OpenSSH to work)
-THIS patch. [Torrent. From Demonoid.]

How to do it?

After you download the patch you're going to connect your iPhone to the USB, open iPhoneExplorer and navigate to:
Here you're going to find a folder named "Cydia". If not, create one (with capital "C")
Navigate to the 'Cydia' folder.
Inside this folder you'll find another folder named "AutoInstall". If not, create it (with capital "A" and "I")

Now extract the patch you downloaded and open the folder "AppSync for OS 3.1" (don't worry, it will work with 3.1.2 and 3.1.3). Inside this folder you'll find two '.deb' files and two '.txt' files. Copy both '.deb' files into the "AutoInstall" folder in iPhoneExplorer. Now reboot your iPhone and then respring it.

Now you can copy .ipa cracked apps to your iphone via itunes (just double click the '.ipa' file.)

iRaphael is not responsible for any injuries you cause to your iPhone (or you, you freaks). Follow this tutorial at your own risk. We do not support piracy and AppSync must be used for trial and educational purposes ONLY!

Share your Goods and Bads (if it worked, if it didn't) in the comments below.



Jun 6, 2010

Rumor Time! - WWDC 2010

So i've been searching around on youtube and i found a few videos... This video, from soldierknowsbest on youtube, summarizes my thoughts on what's going to and what's not going to happen at WWDC 2010...

-We are gong to see: iPhone 4G/HD, Final Cut Pro, iLife '10, Safari 5, Mac Pro Updates, Mac Mini Updates, iPhone OS 4.0.

-We are not going to see: Macbook Air Update, Macbook Pro Update, Macbook Update, iPod Updates, iPod touch with Camera.
This is the video, if you still want to hear MORE of his (and mine (i totally agree with him in this video)) opinion the video is below... But besides what's in the two paragraphs above, he only talks about a few iPhone 4G specs and the times of the event (and, of course, a few ads of his Web Blog of the event....)


Though i was going to leave you guys wit only a random small post?! NO! Here's you bonus: "The best Cydia apps for your jailbroken iPad" and ... (my favourite) "Spiders on Drugs"

Really funny..

What'ya think of the post? Share your thoughts in the comments...


Jun 1, 2010

The Geek List: Summer Update!

The Geek List, a list of things-to-get this year, updated for the Summer Break, by iRaphael. All in video games and in technology, after the break...


  • iPad (Apple) ..... $499
    • Apple
  • iPad case (Apple) ..... $39
    • Apple
  • iPhone 4G (Apple) ..... $???
  • Magic Mouse (Apple) ..... $69
    • Apple
  • Monster-Power Beats by Dr. Dre Solo Headphones with ControlTalk (link) ..... $179.99
    • J&R
  • Flip Mino HD (link) ..... $149.99
    • Walmart OR Target
    • F460 Black Camcorder, 1 Hour of High Def Recording Time, 1.5" LCD Display, 4GB Memory (Mino)
  • PS3 Slim ..... $299
    • Target OR J&R
    • Optional
      • PS eye (camera+mic)
        • $24.99 @ GameSpot
        • $32.82 @ Walmart
        • $39.99 @ Target OR J&R
      • + 1 Controller
        • $44.96 @ Walmart
        • $54.99 @ Target OR J&R OR GameSpot
    • Games
      • inFamous (game)
        • $25.56 @ Walmart
        • $29.99 @ J&R OR Target OR GameSpot
      • Mirror's Edge (game)
        • $15 @ Walmart
        • $19.99 @ Target OR GameSpot
        • unavailable at j&r
      • Fat Princess (pns card) (game)
        • $20 (All, unavailable at j&r or gamespot)
      • Haze (game)
        • $19.82 @ Walmart OR GameSpot
      • LittleBigPlanet GOTY (game)
        • $26.54 @ Walmart
        • $29.00 @ GameSpot OR J&R
        • (+ controller) $59.99 @ Target
      • Heavy Rain (game)
      • God of Way III (game)

Note: Products are in RED, Best Prices are in BLUE, and Best Place to Get are in PURPLE

What do you guys think of this edition of The Geek List? Do you think there's something missing? What are you going to buy this Summer? Share your thoughts in the comments!